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The National Jewelry of TexasTM is a trademarked line of jewelry designs that came about after the State of Texas chose original copyrighted designs of designer James Allen Holmes from Jasper, Texas to represent the State in the Texas Sesquicentennial celebration of 150 years of statehood in 1986.  As such these designs were inducted to the State Archives as part of the memorabilia collection of the celebration and are thus part of Texas history.  These designs were the only jewelry selected by the State of Texas.

That same year the Miss Texas USA pageant selected the ladies jewelry design to be awarded to the winner of the pageant as a special award to represent Texas.  Thus the "Miss Texas Collection" was born.  Both Christy Fichtner, winner for 1986 and Michelle Royer, winner in 1987 and others proudly wear The Miss Texas collection.

Designer James Allen Holmes is a second generation jewelry designer whose father, Jim Holmes was a jeweler/horologist for 45 years who setup and designed the curriculum for the Jewelry Arts Program at Paris Texas College, one of the largest of its kind in the country. 

For close to three decades these designs have been worn by country music legends, politicians, Miss Texas/USA winners and people just like you.  We believe in the unique Spirit of Texas and all that it encompasses.

The National Jewelry of Texas is the highest quality of Texas themed jewelry that you can own.  Bar none!  We hope that you too will understand the uniqueness and quality that this line of Texas jewelry represents and will want to proudly wear your own piece of Texas history.




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