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I received my ring today and I am very impressed
with the quality of craftsmanship.
The presentation box, the size of the ring,
the silver and gold contrast and the Republic of Texas Seal make me very proud
to wear the ring. I searched the net high and low for a Texas ring I would be
proud to wear and I definately found the right one. I appreciate your work to
make this ring available to the public.


Charlie Crittenden


I just retrieved my ring from the Post Office . Thank you for this beautiful piece of Jewelry, I will wear it with great pride as a decedent of residents of the Republic of Texas. The Quality and workmanship is stunning.  Again thank you and we are thrilled beyond words.

Paul Nelson


This ring is not only great quality,but it also lets people know an opinion of how one feels about these sad political times... stand strong TEXANS, don't let them take us with them! thanks and good day.

Bobby j Ingram


 This is a beautifully custom made commemorative ring. I am very proud to wear it. Texas was and is a sovereign state. 

 Robert M Schwartz


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